Hexadecimalised, Metric-aligned Imperial Measures

Despite enduring optimism from the USA and defiance from quaint, antiquated Britain, it seems inevitable that American standard and British imperial measurements will eventually die. As I see it, imperial and standard measures have two problems; firstly that they are bizarre; the following diagram of relationships between imperial units demonstrates this with stark, bewildering clarity:

Secondly, it is not easy to convert between imperial and metric units; conversion factors need memorising, and tables consulting when going between one and the other. Nobody likes this.

However, there is an awesome, cosmic coincidence which exists at a pivotal point between the two systems which, if exploited through a slight tweaking and reform of imperial measures, could not only save these units from fading into insignificance, but could even turn the tables with this neo-imperial system becoming the preferred system of scientists, engineers, merchants and laymen alike, with the comparatively inelegant metric system being consigned to the history books.


Embedded Brainfuck Canvas

Brainfuck is a turing-complete programming language and abstract machine which has only eight operators.

I’ve written a greasemonkey script which searches webpages for specially formatted brainfuck programs, and turns them into graphics by running a brainfuck interpreter and piping the output of the program to an HTML 5 canvas element.

Full details of the implementation are available on my website, where the embedded brainfuck canvas greasemonkey script can also be downloaded.

Here is an example program:


And here is what it looks like when it runs: Brainfuck Spectrum program


Pivot at sdf

So after an evening of not too painful bash scripting, pivot is now1 available as an auto-install tool on SDF.

See http://motd.org/ for more details about SDF’s web tools collection.

1 Once I’ve squashed whatever bug is causing the dubious file permissions.

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