Arduino Etch-a-scope

Over the xmas break I bought myself an Arduino Mini, which was a wonderful distraction from all of the revision I was supposed to be doing.

One of the things I did with it was to hook it up to an oscilloscope, in order to draw stuff on the screen.

Someone’s just asked me how I did it, so I figure now’s as good a time as any to write it up.

I rendered my face as a raster image on the oscilloscope


Mplayer video wall script

So anyway, the thing that prompted me to set up this online journal was my recurring desire to share things that I create with the world. In this instance; the thing that pushed me to actually do something about it, was a perl script I had just written which creates a wall of videos. I created it to optimise my porn viewing, and because I couldn’t find anything to play multiple video files side by side, in a grid.

A 5x5 video wall of old American anti-drug propaganda


Pivot at sdf

So after an evening of not too painful bash scripting, pivot is now1 available as an auto-install tool on SDF.

See for more details about SDF’s web tools collection.

1 Once I’ve squashed whatever bug is causing the dubious file permissions.

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